Ashley Furniture Credit Card


This article is focused on the features of Ashley Furniture and Ashley Furniture Credit Card.


Ashley furniture is a Unites States based furniture manufacturer and retailer. It has a presence throughout United States, Canada, Central America, Mexico and Japan and is involved in a wide variety of furniture items. It has also started offering its customers very relaxed and flexible financing facilities.


Ashley furniture is dealing in a very wide variety of furniture. This includes furniture range for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home office, media storage, for kids and mattresses.

Living room furniture offers a variety of sofas, chairs, loveseats, accent chairs, sofa beds, and occasional tables. For bedrooms, the range includes but is not limited to mirrors, benches, beds, chests, drawers, and nightstands.

For dining rooms, benches, tables, stools, chairs and cabinets are prominent items. Home office range includes a wide variety of chairs, tables, chests and storages. The company also offers its products for TV stands, wall mounts, and fireplaces.


Ashley furniture has a presence in the major area of Canada. It has its outlets in the province of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

In Alberta, it has 9 outlets in the areas of Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Red Deer.

Within Saskatchewan, 4 outlets are located in the areas of Regina, Saskatoon, and Swift Current.

Manitoba also has 4 outlets in Brandon and Winnipeg.

Within Ontario, there are 7 outlets in areas of Woodbridge, Stony Creek, Pickering, Mississauga, Burlington, and Brampton.

All the branches including distribution centers and customer services centers have almost identical working hours with some minor differences for customer service centers and distribution centers.

Ashley Furniture Credit Card

Ashley furniture is also offering financing facilities to its customers for the purchase of furniture. To ease the processing of financing, Ashley furniture has joined hands with GE Capital for issuing the credit cards to its customers.

Ashley furniture credit card give customers a wide variety of financing plans to choose from for the payment of their purchase. These financing plans vary from 3 months to 60 months of interest-free financing. Interest-free financing is available upon satisfaction of certain conditions entailed in the purchase agreement.

Payments can be made through VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. Ashley furniture credit card also enable the customers to have very nominal monthly installments, options for interest-free financing, no annual charges, around the clock customer support, online account management and making online payments.

Contacting the Ashley Furniture Credit Card

Ashley furniture can be reached by following means.

Website: www. ashleyfurniturehomestore .com

Postal Address: GE Capital, P.O Box 960061, Orlando, Florida, United States

Telephone numbers

Account opening: 1-800-677-0718

Credit Card Inquiry: 1-866-893-7864

Savings Accounts: 1-866-226-5638


Ashley furniture is a top supplier of modern and highly sophisticated furniture items for home and offices and has its reach in all of USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Through Ashley Furniture Credit Card, they are focused on providing flexible and easy financing arrangements to their customers.

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