Shopping Explanation Of Ashley Furniture Dining Room Sets

Ashley furniture dining room sets

Ashley Furniture Dining Room Sets To Wow Your Guests:

Ashley Furniture has made its mark with its combination of contemporary and rustic yet unique furniture designs. The company is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world, and prides itself on its quality designs that are guaranteed to give you longevity and good value for money.
Ashley Furniture specializes in a wide range of furniture, but what is truly worth checking out is Ashley furniture dining room sets.


This collection is one of Ashley furniture’s straight-line contemporary sets. It combines a contemporary look with a warm yet pleasantly refreshing style to transform the look of your dining room completely. This set combines a round glass top dining table with an etched and polished edge and a medium brown finished look that will create a contemporary look that will definitely add oodles of charm and atmosphere to any dining space. To add to the level of interest, the set includes four faux leather chairs, each in a different color.


Berringer offers a rich country-style reminiscent of the days when handcrafted furniture was all the range. This dining room set sports a rich rustic look and is completely hand polished. Sturdily built, this is one of the more traditional Ashley furniture dining room sets that will make any dining experience feel warm and inviting.


This dining room set features a straight-line contemporary design with a warm brown finish. The table top is in a unique stepped design, while the grid style chairs add to a look that skillfully combines contemporary yet antique all at the same time.

Ashley furniture dining room sets


This intriguing dining room set comes in a two-tone brown finish that washes over the tapered legs and framed details to enhance the contemporary look and feel. To add to the look, the Alonzo also features chairs with a gentle curved design, creating an additional element of interest.


This is yet another of Ashley Furniture’s straight-line contemporary sets. Like the Charell, this set comes with four faux leather chairs, but this time they are all in the same family of colors. The dining table top is genuine wood that is stained to make it look even more authentic.


A wooden dining table set that offers you the same experience as eating outdoors. The dining table comes with a faux wood top that is stained to look almost like genuine wood, while the base is a tapered wrought iron stand. This series shuns traditional backed chairs in favor of stool type seats, with each seat mimicking the faux wood/wrought iron combination of the dining table itself.


The dining table set for lovers of antique furniture. The dining table top is highly polished but the real beauty is the carved legs which add an element of interest to the entire design. The seating arrangement combines plain-legged chairs with a grid style back, and a double seater bench with the same design as the table, so you can make the ambience as formal or as casual as you like.


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