Counter Height Dining Sets You Will Fall In Love With

Previously known as gathering sets, counter height dining sets are now integral elements when you are looking for formal dining options. Consisting of 36 inch high 56 square inch tables with six to eight chairs, counter height dining sets were previously limited to casual settings but have now moved to more formal ones.

They are now more common in formal dining rooms as well, with china display cabinets to match. These are higher than regular dining sets which consisted of a 30 inch high dining table that could accommodate between six to ten people.

For retailers, counter height dining sets are a godsend. They allow them to cater to those clients who want a dining table set that is not overly formal, but at the same time one which is not overly casual either. They have become much more popular given the fact that people are now moving away from formal dining. These sets allow retailers to cater to the market consisting of those people who still want to host formal dinners, but do not want to make a commitment towards it.

There are many option for counter height dining table sets, but here are two we have absolutely fallen in love with.

counter height dining sets
counter height dining sets

Hooker Furniture’s Kemperton

The Kemperton is available in two finishes, dark tobacco and medium cherry chestnut. The two are drastically different but they are both equally gorgeous. It is available in options for six as well as eight chairs. Each of the chairs are upholstered with engraved scrolls all along their back. There is also built-in storage for lovers of fine wine, including four-door servers with adjustable drawers and shelves.

Retailers claim that the Kemperton is a hot favorite among those who are looking for a combination of a fine dining experience along with a casual environment all in the same piece of furniture. This counter height table set seems to be one that will be “in” for a long period of time, judging by its luxurious looking finish.

A.R.T. Furniture’s Marbella

A.R.T’s Marbella is named after the Marbella Hotel in Spain and everything about this dining table set has a Mediterranean look and feel about it. The main inspiration for this style has been the architecture of the Hotel Marbella as well as the architectural elements of the towns located among the Mediterranean coasts.

Retailers claim that the Marbella is a huge hit among those who are looking for an opulent dining table that they can show off at their next family gathering. Judging by the sales figures, one can reasonably conclude that the Marbella is a huge hit among customers. The biggest customer base seems to consist of those who are looking for a dining table that is the perfect combination of formal yet casual, while at the same time not being overwhelming. They have also confirmed that customers have fallen in love with the Mediterranean touch, which makes them feel as if they have brought a piece of the Mediterranean back home with them.