Looking For a Counter Height Dining Table ? Then Here They Are !

Counter Height Dining Table

Here Are Two Counter Height Dining Table?We Absolutely Love !

A counter height dining table, also known as a gathering, has long been a key feature when it came to casual dining. The tables were 36 inches high and usually 54-inch square and were common among people who love to entertain six to eight people in their dining area.

Casual and formal settings:

But gatherings have now moved out of casual settings into more formal settings. They can now be found in formal dining rooms, alongside china cabinets. This is a change from previous formal gatherings which revolved around a 30-inch high dining table. Now it is very common to see a counter height dining table in a formal setting, with 8 to 10 people being entertained.

Favorite tables of retailers:

These tables are also hot favorites among retailers who find that they are able to cater to the gap in the market between overly formal and overly casual diners. It has become rather common knowledge that formal dining is declining around the country. But through gathering table sets, retailers and furniture designers are still able to cater to the market between those who are interested in formal dining, but who don’t want all of the trappings associated with it.

Here are two of the gathering tables we absolutely love.

Counter Height Dining Table

Hooker Furniture’s Kemperton:

The Kemperton is available in two different, yet equally gorgeous finishes: dark tobacco as well as medium-cherry chestnut. The chairs are upholstered and have an interlaced scroll engraved on their back. The set also comes with a four-door server, complete with storage for your wine bottles including adjustable shelves and drawers.

According to retailers, the Kemperton is a way to combine the purposes of dining and entertaining all in a single piece of furniture, while at the same time trying to save as much space as possible. Many of the gathering tables tend to be fads, but this one seems to be an item that will last a long time, given its cleaner lines and darker finishes. The main target market seems to be younger people who have higher incomes and more money to spare.

A.R.T. Furniture’s Marbella:

The Marbella is influenced by European architecture and reflects the style that is typical of towns along the Mediterranean coast. The main inspiration for this design is the gates, banister and window grills of the Marbella Hotel in Spain, from which the name of the table has also been derived.

According to retailers, the Marbella fits the bill if you are looking for an opulent yet at the same time fully functional gathering height table that you can show off at your next dinner. They have also confirmed that the sales were high, which means that the Marbella has proved to be very popular among the clientele. This paved the way for a broad consumer base that is looking for a product that is not completely formal yet at the same time not completely casual. They have further confirmed that the Mediterranean style and the classy finish have remained a huge hit with the customers.

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