Define Insure Correctly

define insure

A brief discussion on how to define insure, is all that can be read in this article.

Introduction :

The maturity of any language can be judged by taking into account its age. By age, we mean the time when the language was originated. How it attained maturity and how it became the national language. Talking about English language, it originated, nurtured and then became the global language. No matter whether you are from a developed country or you hail from an underdeveloped one, the inhabitants of almost every country speak English language or if not, they can understand it completely. According to a quotation which says, if you know five hundred words of English language and you know how to use them, you are a citizen of the world. Coming right to the point, we have a lot of such words in English language where we get confused, even natives too. Such words are called as homonyms and one of which is, “Insure”. Here in this article, we will be illuminating the correct way to define “insure”. Since we don’t want the readers to get into any jeopardy, we will make them understand with the examples as well. Rest assured, you will know much about this homonym and you will never forget.

Description on Define Insure:

For the sake of understanding the subject, we have researched about the word “insure” and we have found four meanings of this word and that’s the reason why people get confused while using it. Now, to define insure we have found it’s a verb. A principal verb which makes the sentence complete wherever it is used. The meaning it conveys are as follows:

  1. To be careful while doing something.
  2. Make certain of.
  3. To protect oneself financially.
  4. Draw out insurance from.


Every meaning we have mentioned above has its own significance and the word “insure” can be used at such a situation when you want to convey the idea with the help of the above mentioned words. This word “insure”, has business significance as well. It has more to do with the business related people who work in insurance companies and their task is to provide insurance facilities to the clients. Either the client would like to insure his car or his home or any jewelry item and even houses and companies are insured. Basically, insurance is done as a part of a contingency plan just in case the item gets stolen or snatched or gets destroyed somehow.

If we are to define insure in business terms, than it will always be followed by the word “against”. The reason is to prevent the readers from getting caught in any sort of misunderstanding. So whenever you are speaking a foreign language, take great care as it will change the nature of the concept that you are sharing with others. And off course you don’t want that. Always keep consulting dictionary while drafting a letter or a testament. It will keep you from getting into any sort of mistake because ignorance is always not excused and it’s better to delve in with proper knowledge.

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