Destiny Definition And Meaning

destiny definition

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Destiny, a word comprising just seven alphabets, but logically it covers the entire life of a person or any living organism. It won’t be wrong if I say that destiny is what every individual in this world is sent to follow. A really bold proclamation yes, but further arguments will prove this proclamation as nothing but a mere fact. Destiny meaning has been given in many dictionaries ranging from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary to the Merriam Webster’s. Now coming towards the main point as what destiny really is, it generally is how an individual lives his/her life. Every person who comes into this world comes with a unique purpose, a unique cause, a unique thinking and a unique perception. The goal however, is to maintain a balance and to stick to ones plans and so as to reach the goals one is destined to achieve. Here in this article, we will be illustrating the destiny definition as mentioned in various dictionaries and journals.

destiny definition

Destiny Meaning: As per Different Dictionaries:

Taking the reference of Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, in which the destiny meaning has been given as a pre-determined course of events, or actions one is supposed to follow and it is monitored by an irresistible power of agency. Let us explain another aspect of the destiny meaning we just mentioned. Destiny is also sometimes taken synonymous to the fate as well. It can either be termed good or bad. In this case, it can be taken as a view of the pessimists who aim to believe that no matter what decision you take, the results will be already determined. Now there is another point of view as well. There is also such lot, who believes that destiny is something an individual tends to orchestrate himself. What exactly does “Destiny Orchestration” means? They believe that destiny is a clean sheet of paper handed over to the person when he first comes into this world. A goal is set by the person according to his likes and dislikes. The journey starts after he takes the first step towards the goal set by him.

It is often argued that sometimes a man wants to be a professor and he ends up turning a doctor. And sometimes one aims to become a professor and he becomes a professor. Here the question arises as what power out there handles and manages our course of actions? The logical answer to this conundrum is, the force the authority which created us, The God is always monitoring every step we take every move we intend to make and he is always on our side. He often plans in favor of us. So if He sees a person following a course and He witnesses him getting astray, He immediately chooses another path for him so that he might not get discouraged and lose confidence and will to struggle. As the saying goes, where there is will there is a way. In accordance with this quotation, God doesn’t want anyone to lose will and zeal, that’s why he takes charge of an individual’s fate Himself.

The discussion we made above is enough to portray the destiny definition from all aspects. We will be waiting for the valuable feedback from the readers.

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