The Best Dive Bars near Me – United States

Best Dive Bars Near Me: Conundrum Solved:

Amongst the species and articles which are on the verge of extinction, the Dive Bars are one of them. Once I took my grandpa to a drive and right just we crossed wall-street, my grandpa cheered “Hurrah” an ordered me to pull over. Amongst many cheerful memories he uttered at the spot while watching towards a wretched piece of architecture, one line which I remember clearly was “For ages I was trying to find the best dive bars near me and here is the moment my pursuit comes to an end”. And I was startled at his claim and amazed at this unusually splendid reaction as I hadn’t seen my grandpa so happy before. We both walked in and it was like a place whose every corner welcomed my grandpa and there seem to be some other old hombres dressed like seasoned cowboys who hugged my grandpa as waived his hands in a rejoicing manner.

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          There I was made to sit behind the cashier counter and my only job was to keep my head down and my ears open. So I did. This was considered to be the best place of partying and messing around. It was a place which was a testimony of the horrific natured wars fought by humanity against humanity. It was a pub, a drunkards den, a stripping place and what not. But for those who were asking as where to find the dive bars near me, they had their question answered properly.

          On our way back, grandpa opened up and told me that this place used to be a place where every wedding, every birthday, every engagement and every mourning procession used to take place. During war times, these bars used to be the weapon arsenal and the best hideouts from where the attackers used to face much resistance. I thought as why not I take some time off and search about such places which not only hold historical significance but also serve as the best dive bars in town. With this mission in mind, I set out to explore the oldest yet amazing dive bars and succeeded in finding some.

          Here in this article, I will be bringing into limelight, the best dive bars near me of USA and what they offer.

          1. Rudy’s Bar and Grill:

          If you are in need of some fancy cocktail, there is no need to come down to the Rudy’s Bar as it claims to serve only hard drinks to hardcore men. Well it’s a motto and we can issue sanction notice to them by indirectly calling the sobers as “fake men”, but we won’t. The Rudy Bar welcomes its customers by a smiling fiber-glass made pig. Every time you pass by Rudy’s bar, the smell of freshly cooked steaks and sauces will challenge your taste buds and you will be forced to come and enjoy a delightful dinner. This dive bar contains a huge collection of bear and red-ale. A strong shot of red ale costs as high as $3 and it comes downwards with the quality.

          1. BillyMark’s West:

          Identical to a roadhouse located in the rural Midwest, this unfussy dive bar is one of its kinds. With its walls decorated with the titles and paper-cuttings of action movies back in nineties to the partially illuminant neon signs, this bar portrays the best sitting place where our ancestors used to gather in order to drink, laughter and to discuss politics of the day. The best part is, majority of the staff of this bar is from the nearby post-office which has become almost dysfunctional and is on the verge of extinction.

          1. The Old Town Bar Grill:

          In an era where everybody loves to eat junk food, this place offers the best BBQ across the whole town. Served with seasoned red-ale and vinegar and marinated with peri peri sauce, the steaks and BBQs both taste delicious. Its burger is being considered as second to none and not only ust old-towners, but also youngsters and teenagers are also getting to know this dive bar located near the Park Avenue. It is such an amazing place that it serves both the fitness freaks and light-weighed as well. As they have burgers, steaks and BBQ for meat-eaters, they also have freshly made salad and egg sandwiches in order to cater for the needs of their light-weighed customers. Thanks to the state department which have prohibited smoking in pubs and bars, it has improved the bar standards and also brought a huge number of customers.


          Apart from these amazing dive bars near me, there are a plenty more to be found in the entire United States. Every single one has its own history and serves its own special delights. The popularity of dive bars may have decreased to an extent because nowadays the clubs with latest technology lights and music systems have attracted the hearts of many. A trend has shifted from corner dive bars to huge and lavish clubs where you get everything but on the cost of handsome money.

          However, many who doesn’t know about these dive bars, they should visit one of them and we assure you that once a visit will leave a great impression on your minds.

          Apart from the best cuisine being served in such bars, the entire environment seems quite home-alike where you get to smell the food before you eat. An L.C.D is placed there so that all of the customers can enjoy a match or watch T.V shows and can comment and share their views on national and international issues. In short, these dive bars instill a strong sense of solidarity in the people who are around and they get to know about each other and in this way, a new community is born which is based on mutual trust and sense of friendship.

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