Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Dressers For Cheap

Dressers For Cheap

What to Look Out For When You Are Buying Dressers for Cheap!

If you’re in the market for some furniture, especially if you are looking at dressers, there are several things you need to look into. You may be tempted by all the ads for “dressers for cheap” advertisements and you may drool over the price tags, but hold your horses.

If you are buying new yet cheap furniture, remember that this low price tag comes with a lot of catches. The most obvious catch is the lack of durability. If you are buying used furniture, you may get a better quality piece of furniture at a more attractive price tag.When you are buying dressers for cheap, here is what you need to watch out for.

The composition of the wood used:

Wooden furniture is made using one of two kinds of wood: hardwoods and softwoods. The term hardwood refers to wood that comes from deciduous trees while the term softwood refers to wood that comes from coniferous trees. But regardless of the kind of wood used, you need to look for one that offers scratch resistance. There is a very easy way to test this: Simply run your fingernail on the wood. If you can see a dent, this means that this wood is definitely not scratch-resistant and will not give you a lot of use.

You can go for any kind of solid wood or plywood. If you opt for plywood, try to select one which has, at least, nine layers. Examine the wood carefully for knots as these will ultimately lead to cracks. Keep in mind the fact that there are some woods which are inherently more prone to knotting than others, which means that you should try to avoid those as much as possible.

Another term you might come across is veneer. This refers to a thin slice of premium wood used on top of a lower quality wood. While this is very common, as it helps to keep the price tag down, you should also remember that you are still getting a lower quality wood.

Dressers For Cheap

The construction of the wood used:

The kind of construction used helps to determine the quality of the furniture. If it is held together with nails or staples, this is a sure-shot sign of poor construction. Run as far away as you can if the dresser is held together with glue. The best kind of joint construction is made using dowels or through screws.
Another thing that you need to know about is whether or not there are any sheets of wood between the drawers. These help to strengthen the structure as well as to protect what you will end up storing inside the drawer. The glides should be smooth so that the drawers come out without difficulty, and there should be stoppers so that you do not end up pulling the drawers all the way out.


You should also check the solidness of the construction by lifting the dresser at one corner and checking if it squeaks. Finally, you should press on all sides to check for stability.

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