Long Lasting Duel: Ensure Or Insure

Ensure Or Insure

This article aims to discuss the literal meanings of ensure and insure and the use of ensure or insure in certain situations.


English language is known among many languages for its universality. No matter wherever you go, you don’t need to bother about the communication barrier which automatically becomes a mighty problem if you can’t speak English. Luckily you will find many who will understand English and speak fluently. Now what actually lies behind English that made it so common in the whole word? The answer to this conundrum can be extended to many points yet we will only be illuminating the factor of English conquests in the medieval times when England was the only superpower here on earth and it controlled Asian sub-continent and a large area spread along thousands of miles in the neighborhood including Wales, Scotland, Ireland and many other counties as well.

Coming right towards the usage of ensure or insure, one always has to look up the literal meanings of these words in the dictionary not because they get confused in the usage, but because these words hail from the same origin thus making their own usage difficult or somewhat technical. The natives, even those with sound literary prowess, sometimes get confused as what word between the two will justify the main theme of the idea they are going to write about as if an idea falls prey to begrimed language, the whole essence of that very idea is lost and it simply becomes another addition to the pile, which the readers stash into the dustbin.

Here in this article, we will be bringing into the limelight, examples and meaning from some of the most well-known and worldly renowned dictionaries which will clearly show the difference between these two words and will add to the knowledge of the readers so that they remain cautious in choosing ensure or insure.

Whether to Choose Ensure or Insure:

In order to abstain from getting into any literary predicament, it is far much better to properly get oneself equipped with enough knowledge which would suffice our daily language usage. Foreign language is always hard to speak and even harder to write because one cannot enjoy the liberty of using tabooed or slang words in writing, as done in speaking. Talking about the origin of insure and ensure, they both come from a Latin word known as “securus”, which actually means “safe”.

Soon after the entrance of the word “assure”, the word “ensure” made its entrance and had itself written in the English dictionaries whose meaning “to declare earnestly”. Another meaning which the historians and literary personals claim it holds is “to state with confidence”. The example is as follows:

“This call letter from the government will ensure you a hearing”.

The correct usage of ensure or insure was once took as a matter of interchangeable literature which was denied in the later dictionaries. The mighty Oxford Dictionary clearly illustrates the difference between the two words and also terms the foul practice of using the words interchangeably to be wrong and besmirched to the English literature.

The word we know today as “Insure” entered the world of English language in mid-1600s. It was introduced as a variant or as an alternative to the word “ensure”. Well thanks to the then bankers, which were the Medicis, who gave the word “insure” a financial meaning and had it registered as a banking terminology which is being spoken in almost every bank or financial organization. The financial meaning the word “insure” conveys is “to pay a sum of money to an organization as an indemnity”. In simple words, it is the amount, given to any financial organization which signs an agreement with you under the oath to deliver the money you deposit to the ones you care about, just in case you fall prey to untimely death or any other calamity leaves you paralyzed and unable to do nothing.

It is actually a financial guarantee which is enabling the organization to grow and do business and also securing your future and now it doesn’t really matter that you live or die, your family and loved ones will always be protected financially even after your demise. An example illustrating the correct usage of the word is as follows:

“We have insured our house against any natural disaster.”

No any notable writing has been come up with the ability to make the readers understand the difference between the words mentioned in this article. We have made an attempt to clearly identify the boundaries and the literary position both the words hold. Here we ensure that after reading this article, the readers won’t get confused while using ensure or insure.


English has been enjoying the position of an international language for many years. No matter how much we dislike it, we are required to learn it to guarantee a successful professional life. The versatility of this language gives many comforts to its speaker and at the same time raises some confusion as well. The issue gets serious for official and legal processes. For example, ensure is an action against or for something while insure demands a document which has its legal worth. Even this small mistake can create serious problems for you. The purpose of writing this article is to clear the difference between the two important words which have same pronunciations but quite different meanings.

Apart from the official importance of grammatical error free English, it’s necessary for your confidence building as you have observed on many social media sites that people instantly respond to your comment or post if they find any grammatical mistake there. They start mocking you irrespective of your worthy thoughts. They don’t bother how intellectual or factual your opinion is and try to disgrace you before others. The fear of insult stops many people from speaking at public platforms and they keep their precious thoughts to them just to save them from being a laughing stock. So, we advise you to clear your concept with a little effort and say welcome to a confident professional and educational life.

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