Ensure VS Assure – Usage And Understanding

ensure vs assure

Ensure vs assure along with the meaning, examples, usage and understanding.

English is a language which evolved with time. It has its own complexities which can cause distress and get an F! Words which sound alike and are of different meanings are known as homophones. Examples of homophones are all over the English language. Some of them are: board and bored, one and won, here and hare, etc. In this article we have only focused on ensure vs assure.

How to remember the difference?

Grammar which is revolved around the English language is comprised of eight major parts of speech. Those include verbs and nouns too and each word can be both, a verb and a noun. So there are few tricks to remember the usage and have a complete thorough understanding too.

Usage of ensure:

When you talk about ensure, you will come to know the availability of insure in the same meaning. It is because these words have the capability to interchange as per use. Both the words have same literal meaning: to give certain safety or protection.

Therefore, you can use the words in the following manner:

  • Dorothy ensured her dad that she will return home on time.
  • Andrew loved Samantha and for that he ensured the availability during summer for vacation.

Insure, a word with the same meanings can be used in the following way:

  • Bill had to insure the mechanic that the bonnet was rightly placed.


Assure and the usage:

Assure and ensure are of the same derived word which means to make someone have a firm believe on something. It is actually a verb form of “ensure”.

Here are some examples:

  • I was assured to get an A grade but it was just a B.
  • She assured her maid to stick around baby while she is in market for groceries.

    Tips on remembering ensure vs assure:

  • Assure is used for a person when you want to confirm something; an event, accident, situations or what so ever (like: he assured her for the positive result, etc.).
  • Insure is used for monetary purposes (like: you insure your car, etc.).
  • Ensure is used everywhere other than monetary and person (like: children were fast asleep, she assured her husband, etc.).
  • Like mentioned above you can interchange the use of insure with ensure but be aware that insure is used mainly for property, deaths, natural calamities, etc.

American and British usage of ensure vs assure:

There is a conflict between American and British usage of the word: assure and ensure. Despite the fact that ensure is a word which can be swapped with assure, some of the authorities deny it and make it simple for the use. For many, insure is a word which cannot be used for anything else other than accounts dealing. However, ensure vs assure hold their same usage.

Last verdict:

It is very important to check out the usage which is preferred by the facilitator, your employer and how do they see if it is not exchanged. Common sense works out fine in this regard.

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