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Furniture Stores In Columbus Ohio That Cater To The Eccentric In You

The furniture and decor in your house say a lot about you and your personality. The more interesting and unique the items of furniture in your house, the more you will come across as an interesting, fun-loving person with a quirky personality. Similarly, those who opt for staid and solid furniture are believed to be boring people who prefer to stick to conventional options. People who buy understated yet expensive stuff are considered to have good taste while people buying loud and garish furniture are considered to have loud and garish personalities as well.
There are many furniture stores in Columbus Ohio dealing in non-traditional and offbeat pieces of furniture that would make for a very interesting and eclectic environment in your home or office if you are so inclined. Here’s a list of the top furniture stores you should consider if you are looking for something that is definitely not run-of-the-mill.

1. Haverty Furniture:

Havertys has been around for almost a hundred years and what they don’t know about furniture is probably not worth knowing. You can count on Havertys for a wide variety of high-quality, low-cost furniture that can work with any living space or budget, for any room of the house.

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2. Arhaus Furniture:

Arhaus Furniture should be the first name that comes to mind when you are looking for a mix of quality, reliability and affordability in a home as well as office furniture. The designers work with artisans from all across the globe to bring you truly unique pieces in high-quality genuine wood including cherry, elm, teak, and mahogany. The company also believes in only using natural materials, including stone, marble, and even harvest tree roots. Keep in mind though that due to the quality and rarity of the materials used, most of the items in this store come with a very hefty price tag.

3. World Market:

World Market claims to offer its customer unmatched value in everything that they do, and it definitely shows! As the name suggests, they take ideas from all over the world, importing some pieces and manufacturing the rest, to bring several unique ideas and offerings to their customers. World Market is one of the few furniture stores in Columbus Ohio that continuously updates its selection of furniture to bring you something new and unique each time to pique your interest and keep you coming back for more. Hot ticket items over the years have included Balinese baskets, Portuguese rugs and pottery, Spanish artifacts and African collectibles, among several other product lines.

4. Lovesac:

If you want to depart from traditional tables, chairs, sofas, beds and other items of furniture, you definitely need to head over to Lovesac. The store specializes in non-traditional items of furniture such as bean bags, sectional, and poufs, and everything about the store screams “different”. The wacky and offbeat theme can even be seen on their website, which is designed according to a Hippie theme, featuring various pop culture milestones in an eclectically designed timeline.