Guiding Note For Buying At Furniture Stores in Maryland

Furniture Stores in Maryland

Furniture Stores in Maryland You Should Must To Check Out

Whatever items of furniture you choose for your house and home say a lot about you. If you choose some interesting and unique furniture, you will be perceived as someone who is interested and quirky and someone who has an element of fun in his personality. If you buy something chic yet expensive, you will be considered to have good taste in understated personality. Similarly, if you end up buying something loud and garish, this is the opinion that people will hold of you.

There are several furniture stores in Maryland that can offer you the items you are looking for based on your tastes and preferences.

Oak Tree Furniture:

Oak Tree Furniture is an owned by family and functioned store located in Howard County for well over 40 years. Here you can get, pure wood furniture, especially oak furniture. The pieces can be customized to your tastes and preferences, and you are given the option to get it stained according to your tastes, or selecting one of the existing stains. They also offer you thousands of fabric options when it comes to upholstered furniture. There is also a design team on hand that will visit your premises and offer you suggestions after an assessment of living space. Oak Tree Furniture also has its own delivery service for better control of the delivery process. This delivery personnel is also highly trained, which means that if any touch ups are required during or after delivery they can take care of it.

Address: 8895 McGaw Rd, Columbia, MD 21045, United States

Phone:+1 410-997-4209

Thursday 10AM–8PM
Friday 10AM–6:30PM
Saturday 10AM–6PM
Sunday 11AM–6PM
Monday 10AM–6:30PM
Tuesday 10AM–6:30PM
Wednesday 10AM–6:30PM

Pier 1 Imports:

Pier 1 Imports home décor gets its inspiration from every corner of the world. If you are looking for furniture that is fun yet creative, adding some fun and quirkiness to your home, you need to head to Pier 1. You are sure to find something to match your taste no matter what you are looking for. Every item in this store is handcrafted, so you are sure to end up with something unique that you cannot easily find elsewhere.

Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
CEO: Alexander Smith
Founded: 1962, San Mateo, California, United States
Revenue: 1.86 billion USD

Furniture in Maryland


This store specializes in bedding – in fact, we would not be wrong to say that there is probably no other store that knows bedding better, or any store that has a wider selection when it comes to bedding than Sleepy’s. If you are looking for a bed, mattress, or even a pillow and bed linen, or some cuddly furry toys to keep with you as you sleep, you need to drop in at Sleepy’s.

CEO: David Acker
Headquarters: United States of America
Founded: 1957
Furniture Stores in Maryland


There are very few furniture stores in Maryland that offer you something apart from traditional furniture, and Lovesac definitely hits the right spot. Lovesac offers you several options if you are looking for non-traditional tables, chairs, sofas, beds and other items of furniture. Here you will find non-traditional items of furniture such as bean bags, sectional, and pouf, and everything about the store screams “different”. The wacky and offbeat theme can even be seen on their website, which is designed according to a Hippie theme, featuring various pop culture milestones in an eclectically designed timeline.