Helping Note For Shopping At Furniture Stores in Minneapolis

Furniture Stores in Minneapolis

Furniture Stores in Minneapolis Where You Can Find Something Different

Looking for a piece of furniture that has a bit of character is not easy. Every store seems to have traditional and shall we say boring items that you can find everywhere else easily. So where should you go if you are looking for something different? There are many furniture stores in Minneapolis where you can find something different from the run of the mill furniture that you can easily find in everyone’s else’s homes. Here is a list of some of the stores you must visit if you want something unique.


This is a treasure trove of everything that is unique and vintage. Here you will find not only furniture but also items of clothing, home décor, accessories, lighting, vinyl records, housewares, among other things. This is a small cozy family business where everyone is welcome. The owners are experts at scrounging for items from estate sales, thrift stores, barns, auction, random people, and auctions, so you can be sure that you will find not only variety but also unique pieces that you can find nowhere else. The selection here keeps changing, so if you find something that you like, grab it as there will be no guarantee of seeing it again.

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Don’t be fooled by the name – this is not a medical store. This is a furniture and home décor store that brands itself as “RX for home”, claiming to solve all your home décor problems in a matter of time. Here you will find a wide range of furniture including living room furniture, dining room furniture, furnishing, and table tops. They even have an eclectic selection of books on art that will appeal to the weird artist in all of us. In their apothecary section, you can find a wide variety of fragrant and scented soaps, oils, apothecary candles among other things.

A Little Refind:

This adorable little store mixes vintage and locally made goods to add a little spice to your life. Here you can find home décor, furnishings, gifts, and local arts and crafts all under the same roof. The owner takes a personal interest in every item that goes into the shop, traveling all across the Midwest to find items with character to stock in her shop. Everything here is whimsical, and well-curated, featuring artifacts by local artists and businesses, such as colored pillows and cushions, and dining room sets.


Modern home design that makes a difference. Here you can find reasonably priced vintage furniture that can fit in any budget. CB2 is also among the few furniture stores in Minneapolis that also support local communities, and this particular store aims to eradicate hunger and poverty in the communities that they support. Every item you purchase from this store goes towards solving the problems of the communities in which it is located. This means that not only will you be getting a gorgeous and interesting item of furniture, you will also be contributing towards a noble cause.