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furniture stores NYC

Famous furniture stores NYC are magnificent when it comes to quality, location and repute. Read on to understand more about it.

Furniture stores NYC are known for three prime reasons: the quality, its durability and locations. What comes in handy is the online shopping where customers can simply order furniture through websites. However, it is not recommended to go for it without seeing the furniture with your naked eyes. Furniture stores in NYC mostly has modern, affordable and prodigious aesthetics. These furniture stores in NYC are best known for the bed room furniture, sitting room furniture and dining furniture. Here, in this article we have introduced famous furniture stores.

West Elm:

West Elm is one of the most famous furniture stores NYC which comes in the complete package. Prices are a bit out of pocket for many, regardless of the quality and aesthetic sense put in best display. Designs are pretty unique and stands out among rest. Urban modern style is what their furniture is more about. With the recurrent elegancy and refinement of wood, this furniture speaks out for itself.

You can shop online with the settlement of paid shipping which is fixed to $100 for large furniture products.

IKEA – Brooklyn:

IKEA is located in Brooklyn in NYC, a puzzle to fix with decoration and furniture. Their smaller items are boring which is not too much of value. However, the bigger furniture items are pretty contemporary and stylish. This furniture store in NYC goes through shortages in sales and special occasions.

There are many issues when it comes to online shopping. They don’t provide free shipping, and charge somewhere around $140 and 150 for the shipment. Another drawback is that the catalogue which is displayed online is not complete as to what it has in the onsite furniture.

furniture stores NYC


The style available in this furniture store in NYC has a huge array which involves modern, contemporary, chic and simple. When you talk about pricing, you will get to know that these are expensive from IKEA. However, the style is somewhat of other furniture stores NYC.

Their online store has furniture, décor and lighting. Like other furniture stores in NYC the shipment isn’t free of cost. However, the shipping price is lowest as they charge only $60 – $80 for small furniture orders. They charge $160 for orders which are above $450.

Nadeau Furniture:

If you want to visit a smaller furniture store in NYC then this is the right place to go. This store is best for those picks and findings which are more towards the furniture décor and alignment of both in a perfect sense. Items here are of vintage look which are exceptionally unique. When it comes to prices, they aren’t too high and anyone can afford it.

They don’t have an online store. Therefore, the customer has to go there in person to get the furniture.

Pottery Barn:

Prices vary from item to item mainly ranging between $200 and $1000. Although, there are those items too which are of $400!! Designs of this store in NYC are just too good. What they lack in is satisfying customers’ need.

Their website has a complete catalogue and they also charge for shipping.


There are many other furniture stores NYC which are not in the list of top five because they are not that famous.

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