Guide For Choosing Best Furniture Stores Portland For Shopping

furniture stores Portland

Four Of the Best Furniture Stores Portland Has To Offer

If you are trying to make your house feel like a home, the right furniture can go a long way. If you are looking to update the furniture in your home, now is the best time.

Whether you are looking for a few key items, or whether you are completely revamping your home, here are some furniture stores Portland has to offer.


You wouldn’t be wrong if you called this store the “granddaddy” of furniture stores in Portland. They do have branches in Seattle, Atlanta, and California, but if you want to experience Rejuvenation in all its glory, you have to visit their Portland store. It’s not even a showroom, it’s more a fusion point for the young and the old. There is so much here, from the latest LED lighting to hardware, to outdoor furniture. But what really strikes your attention is their refurbished antiques. You should keep checking in often because they update their inventory quite often and you can end up with pleasant new surprises at each visit.

furniture stores Portland

City Liquidators:

City Liquidators is located only a few blocks away from Rejuvenation, and is one of the must-visit furniture stores Portland has to offer. Occupying the space of three football fields, more than 150,000 square feet, you can be sure that you will find almost anything here! We’ll be honest with you, though: seeing such a huge variety of furniture for every room of the home as well as for the office can be overwhelming. But it can also help you decide what you are looking for – and what you aren’t! If you are looking for something apart from furniture, for example, tote bags, welcome mats, carpet bags, and other knick-knacks for your house, you’ll be sure to find them here too!

Red Snapper:

Red Snapper is nowhere near the size of City Liquidators. In fact, it’s actually so small, yet so full of vintage Danish and American pieces, that you may end up feeling a bit congested and cramped at times too. But you won’t regret your decision should you choose to step into this store. The collection of gorgeous vintage pieces will blow your mind. One thing that stands out about this show is the fact that most of the pieces are refurbished in the most modern of fabrics. This makes it an ideal place if you are looking for mid-century pieces. You should definitely follow them on their social media pages, on which they update their latest collection quite often.


Canoe is yet another small store, nothing on the scale of City Liquidators. But it is a treasure trove of unique and antique furniture and accessories and is extremely well curated. They get their products from all over the world, so you can be sure to end up with something with obscure origins. If you want to pick up some pieces that cannot be found elsewhere, without having to scour the ends of the earth for it, this is where you need to head.