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insure definition

A brief discussion on insure definition is all that can be read in this article.


The word “insure” has already been discussed on various blogs and forums which confused many readers as what may be the right insure definition as everyone on the internet speaks his own mind. After reading various blogs and searching over the net about the best definition one can give about the word “insure” is the one which can be taken from the best dictionary sources. Talking about the best dictionary sources, we have in our knowledge, the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, the Merriam Webster Dictionary, and the Macmillan Dictionary. Here in this article, we will be shedding some light on the correct definition and meaning of the word ”insure” and what meaning does it convey individually and if used in some sort of phrasal orientation. ”Recommended to Read: ENSURE VS INSURE ”

Insure Definition: In Dictionaries:

First of all, we will be mentioning the definition of Merriam Webster dictionary along with some extra findings on the word as well. As far as the simple definition of the word insure is concerned, it is mentioned as “to buy insurance for something, like that of property or wealth”. Another simple meaning for the same word is as “to make an even sure or certain for”.

Coming towards the full definition of “insure” as mentioned in Merriam Webster dictionary is: “to make something quite certain especially by taking some special and necessary precautionary measures”. The word “insure” has also got an intransitive meaning as well according to which “to contract to give or take insurance”. No matter how much we provide the description, without a pet example, the insure definition will not be understood by the readers. So, the examples are as follows:


a. We have insured our cars just in case there occurs any unforeseen event.

b. This policy will have you house insured for the lesser possible amount.

Coming towards the “insure” definition as mentioned in the Oxford dictionary, a bit elaborated one which is: “to protect or secure someone or something financially”. It is also misunderstood with the word “ensure” because both of them have the same meaning but the word “insure” and its meaning also covers the business side whose examples we have mentioned above. A significant overlap has been observed in the talking and writing behavior of the word “insure” and “ensure”. Talking about some variations of the word “insure”, there is “insurability”, which is a noun. There is another “insurable”, which is an adjective. In some literature, we have also found that the word “insure” is an alteration to the word “ensure”.

Since we have discussed much and almost from each and every aspect, we hope that the “insure” definition has been understood quite clearly. Here in this article, we have used some pretty credible sources which have elaborated the meaning of the mentioned word quite to the point and we are of the view that no any single aspect has been left in this regard. Please provide the review after reading the article as it will help us grow.

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