What Does Insure Mean

insure mean

A brief discussion on what does insure mean exactly, is all that can be read in this article.


While talking or writing, we make use of words. Words when put together according to certain fashion or rules, which makes sense and covey the idea, is known as a sentence. Now coming right to the point, there are various words which rhyme together, even have same spellings but the meaning they convey according to the context, is different. Here in this article, we will be discussing on the topic of what does insure mean exactly and how and where it should be used so as to make it convenient as per the situation in which it is being used. We will be elaborating the meaning of “insure” from various resources for instance, from Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, from Merriam Webster and many more as well.

What Does Insure Mean? Answered by Dictionaries:

As we mentioned earlier that English comprises many dialects and most importantly, while speaking or writing, we make use of two of the dialects so far. The British and American dialects. First of all, we will be looking at the British dialect and we will see what does insure mean in British English.

insure mean

Insure, in British dialect means to protect oneself against any sort of financial risk by submitting a certain sum of your money to a company, mostly an insurance company. This company will keep taking money from you and will assist your near and dear ones or those who are nominated as your family members after your death. The insured money will be aid in situations when you are dead and you have left victims behind as a family, you have come across an accident and now you are severely injured and have got nothing to spend neither on yourself nor on your family. Another condition the insured money can help when your property or the item you insured gets stolen or snatched away illegally or destroyed and you seek to rebuild or to reclaim it. The only way you will get handsomely remunerated will be to contact the insurance company and they will take care of the rest. An example sentence is as follows:

Example Sentence:

  1. All my cars are insured against any damage.

In American English, the word “insure” means the same as it means in the British one. With a single addition of one more meaning entailed to the word “insure” is to make certain about an event whether it will happen or not. Another word known as “Ensure” is also used in this context but as the paradigm shift is the real essence of life and progress, people nowadays, even those with strong literary backgrounds are often seeing using the word “insure” instead of “ensure” and vice versa.

Hence, winding the write-up, we come to the conclusion that no matter what dialect you adopt, the real meaning of the word actually is the one which is mentioned in the British ensure Dictionary as they stand from the place where English language actually originated and propagated. The prime focus of this article was to make the readers understand as to what does insure mean exactly and it has been discussed with utter reasonable logic and demonstrations.

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