A Little Know – How into Insure Meaning

An insight into the real difference among assure, ensure and insure meaning, is all that can be read in this article.


English is a language which is composed of different dialects and pronunciation styles. It has a vast vocabulary. Even natives sometimes get confused at the versatility of the words this language contains. Coming right to the point, here in this article we will be pointing out the difference in meaning, nature and use of the words insure, assure and ensure, along with a set of examples. These three words are often used at the same time on the same occasions thinking less of the real meaning they are conveying. Mostly people confuse them with one another while writing as well. As a matter of initial introduction, let’s mention the meanings here. The meaning of the word “assure” is to make someone understand that everything is perfect till this moment. Next in the list is the word “ensure” and the meaning of this word is to make certain. The last one is the word “insure” which refers to protect financially. It was a quick overview and now we will be make it understandable with the help of some examples.

Examples Illustrating Assure, Ensure and Insure Meaning:

Here in this section, we will be discussing every word along with some pet examples and we bet, after reading this, you won’t forget the difference, like ever.

First of all, we take the word “Assure”. It means to remove doubt and to take someone into confidence about any issue or an event. In other words, it is to make someone certain that everything is going as planned or the results which are about to come are going to be fine. It also conveys the meaning that everything is under control and there is no need to worry at all. Below are some examples which will clearly make the concept understandable.

Examples Illustrating Assure Meaning:

  1. Rest assured that Italy will be the winner of the coming World Cup.
  2. Let me assure you that I never meant any harm.
  3. The physician assured him he could still ride the horse.
Next in the list is the word “Ensure”. The meaning this words holds is to make sure/certain that an issue or an even will or will not happen.

ensure vs insure

Example Illustrating Ensure Meaning:

  1. Chicken Bar B Que Pizza on sheet panned for 10 minutes is necessary to ensure perfect cooking of the dough.
  2. Batons were displayed by the local police to ensure peace in the mob which was getting uncontrollable with every passing moment.

Now coming towards the insure meaning, it actually means to protect oneself or someone financially using any scheme so far. Examples below will ensure that this concept is understood properly.

Example Illustrating Insure Meaning:

  1. I insured my car for a total of about ten thousand dollars.
  2. For successful and insured bonds, a stable economy should be maintained.

Now that we have made you understand the correct meanings an nature of some of the mostly used yet wrongly meant words, we are more than happy to assure you that we have ensured that you never forget these homonyms.

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