Difference Between Insure Vs Ensure

A Brief Discussion On The Topic Of Insure Vs Ensure Is All That Can Be Read In This Article.

Insure Vs Ensure: The Lexical Duel:

English language, being one of the most mature and well-endowed with vocabulary, is a language where a single word has got more than one synonyms. Just as we all know there are primarily two English dialects which are followed worldwide, The British and the American, there are different style-books as well. Every style-book follows the rules and regulations of one or the other dialect which are correct to some extent. The correctness of every rule mentioned in a certain style-book is first verified by a committee and then it is made part of the relevant style-book. Coming towards the matter of Insure Vs Ensure, various style-books have defined them their own way and in some style-books, both the words are being used synonymously. After much efforts employed after reading the exact meaning of the mentioned words in credible dictionaries like Oxford and Merriam Websters, we have found a slight difference between the words. Here in this article, we will be focusing on defining both the words i.e. insure and ensure using the references from the dictionaries and we will also explain their usage in examples.

Correct Meaning of Insure and Ensure:

Considering a number of dialects that we have discussed so far, here we are about to entangle various meanings and definitions as given and provided in the dictionaries and journals. After much research, some facts have dawned upon us which we are about to share in this article. First of all, coming towards the word “insure”, it is famous for its use in business studies whenever there is anything you want to get insured via bank or any insurance company.

The word “insure” means to pay some fixed amount to a company or a bank who keeps record of your money and soon after any mishap happens or after a certain time period has passed on that money which you were depositing in the bank’s or insurance company’s account, the whole amount will then be given to your immediate successors if the depositor dies by any means whatsoever. The discussion we made for the word “insure” pretty explains it the way this word needs to be used. It must not be taken synonymous to the word “ensure” as both of them have got different meanings and if they are used interchangeably, the entire essence of the idea you want to convey, will be lost.

Let’s shed some light on the word “ensure” which literally means to “make something sure” or “to make certain”. Now if we compare both the meanings, there is not a single percent change one would ever use these words interchangeably under any condition. To make certain about something or some event is to make it sure whether an event will happen or not. If we use the word “ensure” in a sentence, it would be like “He ensured that the money will be transfer in an hour”. Here we are, after much discussion, reaching at the conclusion of the topic Insure Vs Ensure and we hope the meanings are now quite clear to the readers.

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