King Box Spring

king box spring

What You Need To Look Out For When Buying Your Next Box Spring

You may remember the time when your mattress would just lay there on a simple platform on your bed. Then a time came when everyone suddenly began talking about the “box spring”, and all you could hear were terms such as king box spring and queen box spring. But what is a box spring in the first place?

The question that often arises is: Are all the claims about box springs true? Or is it nothing more than standard marketing spiel designed to sell you a fancy item that makes little or no difference to your life?

What can a box spring do for you?

According to the standard salesman’s pitch, a box spring is essential to extend the life of a mattress as well as to offer additional support to your body.

king box spring

As it turns out, this isn’t an idle boast. The Better Sleep Council endorses the view that the box spring has been designed to go hand in hand with the modern mattress, and that it absorbs most of the wear and tear that would otherwise have befallen the mattress. The council adds that using the mattress without a box spring, or using a box spring of the wrong size – for example, a king box spring for a queen sized mattress – may significantly shorten the functional life of the mattress.

In addition, the council also mentions that the box spring is a critical feature in enhancing comfort, and helps the mattress support your entire body. This reduces the chances of pinched nerves and other painful conditions caused by placing your entire weight on your body for sustained periods of time.

How to pick out a box spring

Now that you know why you need a box spring, you also now need to be aware of some of the issues associated with them when you go out buying them:

  • Avoid any brand that sports the words “zero deflection”. This is a euphemism for low absorption quality which in turns means that they will not provide you the desired level of comfort.
  • Check for the amount of steel in the design. More steel in the design means longer durability and greater support for your body. To check the amount of steel, pick it up. The lighter it feels, the less will be the amount of steel.
  • Keep an eye out for “foundation” designs. If you find that the box spring you are looking at does not contain steel, don’t give up just yet. Foundation designs may brand themselves as box springs, but they are actually little more than light wooden frames. They are not made out of steel but they are extremely good at weight distribution and are generally stronger. In fact they often offer the same level of durability and longevity as a steel based design.
  • Don’t fall for the false promises of “flexible designs”. Flexible designs do not contribute to mattress support in any way, nor do they extend the mattress’s functional life. They are only useful in terms of reducing disturbances caused by a restless sleeper.