Privacy Policy

We, at woodlicious welcome you on behalf of the team members who made this blog one of the most successful one. Trust and confidence are two primary concerns of a buyer. Therefore, all the information in this blog is destined to hit the road of success in purchasing best, top notch products and sharing knowledge. Please read the document for the complete insight to our privacy policy.

How do we help in providing information?

  1. Woodlicious needs your email address, phone number to keep you updated about latest trends, market’s growth and stability, prices and other related information.
  2. Your honest opinions on the furniture,jewellery,theater,travel,grammar,and blogs are more than welcomed.
  3. We believe in helping you out with sincerity. Please don’t take any of these to personal level if you think they are not rightly put.

Do we use cookies?

We use cookies to keep our valuable visitors in loop, enabling them to remember information and the source of it. What web does is to help the visitor remember that he had seen or visited the website.

We keep a log of the session and include navigation within the boundaries of blog, IP address is also recorded along with the type of browser and the language used.

What do we do with the visitor’s information?

It helps us to monitor our site, help it grow and get reviews on our blogs. Woodlicious never discloses the identity, email address or phone number under any circumstance. However, we need to know likes and dislikes of people who visit the blog. Hence, keeping a record of who likes what really helps. But again, as said before, we don’t share the information with any one.

How to approach us?

You can always approach us at our email address:[email protected]

P.S: Privacy policy may change from time to time to keep everything aligned and clear. It is because of the changing trends, prices and locations of furniture stores in the United States of America.