Important Aspects of Queen Size Box Spring

Queen size box spring and the factors to keep in mind before buying are mentioned in this article.

Not long ago, people were hardly acquainted with the terms which we use today to fixate certain types of beds and parts attached to them. All they knew was to use bed as a means of getting relaxed by stretching the body and taking a good night sleep. What is seen today is pretty different as we get to hear terms which are commonly practiced. When we go to a furniture shop, we get surrounded with questions like: do you want king size box spring? Are you looking for box spring? Etc.

Importance of queen size box spring:

We need to understand the importance of queen size box spring before we go on its technical aspect. There are many fictional tales about the right pick of the box. However, facts stays aloof from the rest. Some of them are:

  • Wearing and tearing off:

The best factor which is chained with the queen size box spring is its durability. Box spring enables the mattress to stay away from wear and tear. Which naturally prolongs the usage, strength, and permanence of the mattress. You get protection in a way which again helps in the life of mattress.

  • Supports the body:

When the mattress is prevented from slipping, it tends to give better defense and support to the body. That is why the size of the box and mattress should be same. It means that if you have queen size box spring then you should also have queen size mattress.

  • Looks after patients need:

Box spring ensures the right structure of body which doesn’t allow the body to ache from wrong postures while sleeping. This is most important when the person is over weighted or obese. Moreover, the possibility of aches due to pinched nerves becomes rare.

  • Zero deflection:

The mattress which has poor absorption and doesn’t offer much comfort is also there in the market. There is a term used for such kind of mattress – “Zero Deflection”. Now this is what you have to make sure to stay away.

  • Weight:

Knowing the weight of the queen size spring helps in determining the possibility of holding weight. Light weighted box will only hold light weighted mattress which is why it is not much utilized. Another aspect to it is the fact that the light box usually are easy on breaking and slippages.

  • Second hand queen size box spring:

Instable and lesser durability is attached with used or second hand box. It is also important to understand the basic fact that new boxes with mattresses will be a bit expensive than the used ones. However, the utility of both cannot be measured equally.

  • Brand new box spring:

Buying a brand new queen size box spring along with the queen size mattress is the right pick because, it has better springs, no damages whatsoever, and also has warranty from the company. Another point which is important to know is based on the policies which the manufacturers have introduced. According to the policy, when you buy a new mattress then it is a must to buy a new box because without it, you cannot claim warranty.


Above mentioned aspects while purchasing a box are must to keep in mind.

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